Golden State Warriors' Jordan Poole, Steve Kerr avoid questions about team's future playoff lineups

Golden State Warriors’ Jordan Poole, Steve Kerr avoid questions about team’s future playoff lineups

At some point during this postseason, the Golden State Warriors are going to have to address how the team’s starting lineup will change moving forward in the wake of not only Steph Curry’s return, but also Jordan Poole’s breakout success in the playoffs.

While it is only one game, Poole had a historical night against the Denver Nuggets on Saturday, scoring a game-high 30 points and shooting 9-of-13 from the field. He accomplished this after it was announced just before the game that he’d be in the starting lineup while Curry came from the bench. It was a choice that absolutely would have been focused on had the Warriors lost instead of won, 123-107.

However, because it worked out rather well for the team β€” by comparison, Curry could hardly get anything going scoring-wise, and Poole had multiple highlights β€” Golden State has the likely emergence of a budding star player, but also the emergence of some lineup issues. While coach Steve Kerr and Poole were asked at different times, they did their best to avoid answering things directly right after the game.

Someone has to play the bench role. It’s easy to figure out who won’t be in that position once everyone is healthy: Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Curry. Looney will also likely start, as the team didn’t start small in Game 1, which means the final spot either goes to Andrew Wiggins, who earned his first All Star nod this season, or Poole, who is coming off of an incredible night we have a national stage.

Things are a lot easier now that Curry is still being eased back into the lineup. But once that changes, and the competition becomes fiercer than a Denver team over-relying on one star player, things could become a lot more complicated as the pressure to make the right decision creeps up.

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