Barkley says Giannis, Joel Embiid would kill Warriors' 'death lineup'

Barkley says Giannis, Joel Embiid would kill Warriors’ ‘death lineup’

TNT commentator Charles Barkley, an NBA Hall of Famer who never (ever, ever, ever) wastes an opportunity to take a shot at the Golden State Warriors, was in postseason form during halftime of Monday’s Dubs blowout of the Denver Nuggets.

Even after Golden State took a six-point lead into the half after a solid second quarter that included the return of the Warriors’ new “death lineup” — a small-ball teaming of Steph Curry, Jordan Poole, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green that helped them blow out the Nuggets in Game 1 — Barkley was ready to blast both NBA MVP finalist Nikola Jokic and the Warriors in the same breathe.

“The Joker has to take advantage of playing against a six-foot-six guy. You can’t tell me you’re the MVP and they got Draymond guarding you,” he said, before later adding, “y’all put that little death lineup out there, put it out there against Giannis and Joel Embiid and see what happens. They’ll kill ’em.”

Barkley then went on to claim that Green couldn’t guard him (meaning Barkley) in his prime.

Of course, slandering the Warriors and their style of play is nothing new to Barkley. Back in 2015, Barkley bravely declared that teams couldn’t win championships with jump shooting. Golden State then went on to win three championships, on the strength of its… jump shooting.

In the years since, Barkley has done everything from calling the Warriors style of play “little girly basketball“to picking public fights with Green.

Giannis and Embiid, who Barkley mentioned, are currently competing for the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia Sixers respectively in the Eastern Conference. The Warriors, and their death lineup, would only face them if they met in the NBA Finals.

In the quarter after Barkley’s assertion, the Warriors outscored the Nuggets 44-30, before eventually blowing out Denver, 126-106, to take a 2-0 series lead.

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