Les 12 coups de Noël : Bruno est absent du numéro spécial, pourquoi ?

la nouvelle vie de l’ex-Champion de Jean-Luc Reichmann dévoilée!

This is a long-running project from 5 October 2021. 252 participations plus one million euros for Brains, Bruno avait été éliminé des 12 coups de midi. The champion is an exception to the record of Christian Quesada, who was born in Loris.

Que devient Bruno?

Tout s’était Joué pendant un Coup Fatal, à la question: « In France, the French Republic, whether or not it was decided by the Government of France? “Le Champion avait la réponse,” President of the Council », The name of the car at the tempo of the tempo. The coupling is poured into a chevron, which is a console with a gain of XXL. What about the TF1 Champion?

Alors qu’il va bientôt à la télévision, puisqu’il sera sur France 2 le 4 juin 2022 dans le club des Invincibles, il a accepté de Donner de ses nouvelles via Télé Star. The right to divide the forest is still a great deal comment a évolué sa vie the first part of the destination is TF1.

You take a luxury

The participation of Jean-Luc Reichmann in the licensing of public relations in Chaône Eurosport was extended to include commercial chargers. For the purposes of TF1, the investment is considered to be an investment. « We are tempted to refresh the suite. C’est un luxe », Indique-t-il dans le Magazine Winter Star. But plus, aussi réalisé l’un de ses Rêves: aller au Parc d’attraction Disneyland à Orlando, aux Etats-Unis.

It is considered to be the same as that of the copine and the a «Adoré ». Concernant Quotidien, Bruno précise qu’il n’a pas changé depuis sa participation in a divertissement de TF1. In the event of a fair return on the rue, there is no need to return to the place where the pendant deserves. “It is not the case with Madonna, but it is also a matter of authorship”, s’amuse-t-il.

Bruno, and candidat emblématique

The reversal of the parcels of Bruno. Done at Brussels on 29 May 1991. For the benefit of the military, the parental responsibility of the parents, the Trois ans, and the Beau-de-Mine will be met. The passage is due to the effects of Beau-Pere. Lorsqu’il a quinze ans, toute la famille va dans la Région toulousaine.

Pendant le confinement, il regarde The 12 mids, que sa famille suit avec passion. In the case of passports in the same part as the TF1. Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community, The person concerned, animée sur France by Cyril Féraud. Les Deux has a budget of 12 500 euros.

On the other hand, on 20 January 2021. On 29 January, the brothers and deaconsants were left in 50 cases, the name of the person concerned was reduced to a mystery. Ainsi, il multiplie les Victoires et les gains. On 3 January 2021, the year was 188 Victoires, 810 995 euros and 7 other mysteries. On 5 October 2021, an amount of 252 participations was granted, EUR 1,026,107 per share and per lot. In October 2021, the license was issued by the Public Administration of Europe.

The animation of Jean-Luc Reichmann was accompanied by a letter from the President of the Commission. It is necessary for the public to have access to the public and the public. This is the first time the test has been performed. The installation of the solid state. In addition, the Community has a very high level of societal interest.

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