Maverick s'envole vers des sommets, Tom Cruise bat and record personnel

Maverick s’envole vers des sommets, Tom Cruise bat and record personnel

The long-awaited aura of Tom Cruise is the result of a visit to Peine! Avec Top Gun: Maverickthe name of the train was recorded on the train.

The staff and the staff of the box office are not registered (and the staff are involved in the colleges!). The derivative film of Tom Cruise is set off from the point of view of the demarcation of the world: at the end of the year, the film is full of 120 million dollars in trousers. Deadlineet le groupe Paramount accounts for 150 million for the last weekend … The weekend lasts for the last day of the meal: the last day of the memorial, plus the importation from the Atlantic, to the spring and the weekly review of the analysis box office. The donor and dementia are enforced Top Gun: Maverick. On the other hand, there is a sign of pouring the star and pouring the film.

Pour Tom Cruise, c’est and Gros succès, aucun débat là-dessus. À 59 ans (dont 41 ans à l’affiche de Films hollywoodiens), l’acteur devrait en tout logique, assister au mumsur lancement de sa vie. À The title of the comparison, which is based on the value of 65 million dollars La Guerre des Mondes en 2005. Record largement explosé donc. Comme quoi, on the other side of the quarry, the number of dollars in the quadrant, the account of 8.5 billion dollars in the box office Mondial (!) And faire toujours mieux.

Top Gun: Maverick: photo, Jennifer ConnellyMaverick the conquis tout le monde

Pour la Paramount, le record pourrait être un poil plus difficile à atteindre. For example, the project is all over the world with a budget of 151 million. It will cost 153 million people for the last weekend of Memorial Day. Is it possible for the Americans to play a role in the Americas: what is the state of the propaganda (plus the assumptions) in the field of food and beverage?

Top Gun: Maverick: photo, Tom CruiseQuand tu veux faire tomber Johnny Depp

Mais à ce Stade, dépasser cette barre des 153 million, détenue par Pirates of Caraïbes: Jusqu’au bout du monde, en 2007. That is to say, the rappeler que ce the score on the calculation of the quaternary (which is the first premiere) to cause the patriotism. And the “normal” démarrage, and the rest of the weekly quartet, are the subject of a short stay.

Enfin, même ce Chiffre rappelle que même avec Tom Cruise, il reste compliqué pour un blockbuster américain sans super-heroos mieux que certains Marvel. On behalf of the Commission, the average amount of respect is between 257 million and 357 million euros. Spider-Man: No Way Home This is due to the fact that the number of recipients is 260 million.

Top Gun: Maverick: photoSky isn’t even the limit

The film is based on the critique of the critique (97% of the criticisms Rotten Tomatoes) et public international: the film pourrait reporter plus 80 million dollars in quarters, in the north of the United States. In the case of certain “shows”, the show was opened on the market of the Croisette.

Tous ces chiffres sont three promeners pour la longévité de distribution du film that viennent confirmer les premiers signaux encourageants pour cet ultime aegotrip de l’acteur superstar. Comme quoi, la Patience a du Bon. On suivra les prochains records du film avec attention.


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