Ultimate Marvel vs.  Capcom 3's grand finals at Combo Breaker was a set for the history books with an ending that must be seen to be believed

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s grand finals at Combo Breaker was a set for the history books with an ending that must be seen to be believed

Even though Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is now over 10 years old and has seen too many amazing moments to count, the game of hype had one of its best sets of all time this weekend.

Former Evo champion Grilla|NYChrisG and DeadXPride faced off in a grand finals set that’ll go down in the history books at Combo Breaker 2022 with a conclusion that must be seen to be believed.

The story of these warriors doesn’t start with that, however, but in their winner’s final set where DeadXPride would send ChrisG to the loser’s bracket in fairly convincing 3-1 fashion where he’d barely take damage in the final game.

ChrisG would battle his way back through loser’s final against HB|Evasion to get his chance at revenge, and the MvC legend would similarly clinch his grand finals ticket 3-1.

Although they started with a fresh set, DeadXPride would keep his momentum going by mostly shutting down the signature Morridoom strategy with the evasiveness of his own Dr. Doom plus the pressure demon of Vergil.

ChrisG ended up losing his Morrigan very early in game 2 and almost battled his way back with Vergil + Doom, but some big drops would cost him.

Up 2-0, DeadXPride was poised to end the tournament with just 1 more win that looked all but assured.

You can never count out ChrisG in Marvel 3 though, and that’s a lesson his opponent would soon learn.

DeadXPride spent X Factor almost immediately to take Morrigan out of what could have been the last game, putting the former Evo champ even more on the backfoot. The longtime pro though has plenty of experience winning with his 2 remaining characters.

ChrisG would take the momentum back in that game 3 barely taking anymore damage for most of the rest of the round, and then it was finally Morrigan’s time to shine to tie things up 2-2.

After looking down and out, the supreme Moridoom would reset the bracket, and they’d be going at it all over again.

DeadXPride would not be deterred though his impressive Vergil push through ChrisG’s defense would not be enough to stop the bleeding just then, but it would come.

Upon going down in the set for the first time, the Vergil, Doom, Strider player clawed his way back in impressive fashion until ChrisG fired right back to put them both at tournament point.

If you don’t want to be spoiled on the ending, we suggest you stop reading here and go watch the set.

After 13 long games, it would all come down to one last bout with the multi-time champion and longtime up and comer giving every ounce of energy left in the tank to secure Combo Breaker.

Things would look in ChrisG’s favor with the early X Factor pop to take out the opposing Strider assist, but the Vergil still on the screen would punish that push with his own X Factor to smack down Morrigan again.

ChrisG tries to run away from the Devil Trigger + X Factor Vergil though that too wouldn’t be enough, and suddenly he found himself down to his last character without his comeback mechanic.

The defense on the lone Vergil was absolutely insane, but each block was still chipping down ChrisG’s remaining life with all looking lost.

Waiting for the exact right moment to strike, ChrisG would land the most impactful hit of the set on both Vergil and Doom to suddenly almost tie the game up out of nowhere.

DeadXPride would then take his turn to try and fly away for the chip out victory with Doom, leaving Vergil with the tiniest sliver of life left, which was just enough to have the Marvel villain fall on the Yamato to pull of one of the craziest comebacks UMVC3 has never been seen.

This will be a set that the FGC won’t soon forget, and they certainly won’t forget to never count ChrisG out when it comes to Marvel.


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