gagnant mymillion roye haute saone

à Roye (Haute-Saône), il Gagne 1.000.000 € au restaurant

code my million du 6 May 2022The new Euromillion My Million is the same as the Richer queue on May 6, 2022. Haute-Saône qui a coché sa Grille dans la ville de Roye. In addition to the restaurant, there is a chance to decouple it through the FDJ for a small amount of 1 million euros, the zoom is incroyable!

Tirom Euromillions My Million of 6 May: Results and Details

Le tirage du 6 mai It is estimated that 195 million euros will be available for the year 2022 and the final year will be EUR 215 million. For many years, a number of barbecues in Europe have not been re-imported, the number of which has been reduced to 3 24 8 18 40 and 1 to 13 years. Aucune de ces grilles n’a été chanceuse, sauf Celle d’un joueur de Haute-Saône qui, à Roye, a bénéficié du tirage en Parallèle My Million pour voir sa vi basculer.

The code is UZ 615 4334 the number of shares in the raffle My Million has been granted an exclusive contribution to the euro area of ​​EUR 1 million for the market share of Mardi et al.

La Grille gagnante a été cochée au Tabac / Presse Loto «Le Baccara» situé au 10 rue de la Verrerie à Roye.

Tabac Presse: Le Baccara de Roye (Haute-Saône)

My Million: gagnant à roye, il decécouvre sa richesse pendant son dîner

Voici un rapas que ce joueur n’est pas prêt d’oublier! As of 6 May 2022, the establishment of a restaurant and restaurant, the number of members of the Euromillion FDJ, was replaced by a QR code.

Moment ce momenta, ce futur millionnaire qui s’ignore encore se dit: «The so-called Belle, which has been added to the enclosure plus». It is only possible to read the Euromillions for a single year and gain astronomical 1 million euros! If the number of Euromillions is not matched by the combined amount, the code My Million is a quantity of a total amount of EUR 1 000,000 to be exported.

This is the most important addition to the presence of the product and the use of cachette and pellets.

The cache is secreted by the VHS des Souvenirs de famille

In the present case, the possibility of obtaining an application to the part of the Bonheur, may be reduced to the price of the Grail and the whole of the tempo at the end of the term.

Durant tout le temps qui a séparé ce gagnant de son paiement, le reçu de jeu gagnant a été caché dan une boîte de Souvenirs de la famille, un Belle image familiale pour kellébrer and tournant dans la vie de ce joueur de Roye.

Chance in 2022: 6 million countries in Burgundy-Franche-Comté

Chaque année, la tombola My Million récompense plus de 100 joueurs français quin devent millions of minutes a minute! For the French regions, the code is limited to a total of EUR 1 million for each country. This is an association between the Euromillions and the Lottery, with an increase of 150 million for nine million euros on the Cours, with the exception of the 2022 Cours.

Departed on 1 January, 6 days in the region of Burgundy-Franche-Comté to nine million (5 gagnants My Million à 1.000.000 € et 1 gagnant Loto de 8 million d’euros dans le Jura).

  • 🏆22 février: € 1,000,000 for refurbishment in Montceau-les-Mines and Saône-et-Loire.
  • 🏆11 Mars: € 1,000,000 on remodeling à Houtaud dans le Doubs.
  • 🏆18 Mars: € 1,000,000 on remodeling à Appoigny dans l’Yonne.
  • 🏆29 Mars: € 1,000,000 remodeled to Héricourt en Haute-Saône.
  • 🏆2 mai: € 8,000,000 remodel from Loto à Saint-Laurent en Grandvaux dans le Jura.
  • 🏆6 May: € 1,000,000 Gagné à Roye en Haute-Saône.

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