Inventory of gadgets and essentials, Jacques Nicolaou, author of the BD "Placid et Muzo", est mort

Inventory of gadgets and essentials, Jacques Nicolaou, author of the BD “Placid et Muzo”, est mort

It is clear that the genre of the present fusion would involve the transfer of the passport to Leur Donner to the crayon. Décédé le 30 mai, Jacques Nicolaou is a dessinateur de la BD Placid et Muzo pendant des décennies. This is the first place in the field of Placid l’ours paresseux et Museo le renard sérieux, the personalities of the myths on the fait of Beaux jours du Magazine Pif Gadget.

La série avait été créée en 1946 par José Cabrero Arnal (dessin) et Pierre Olivier (texte), avant d’être reprise par Jacques Nicolaou in the year 1958 and the death of him. Figures emblems of the journal Pif Gadget, Placid et Muzo ont marqué des générations de lecteurs. This series of measures has been taken by Jacques Nicolaou. Here are some of the news outlets in the Magazine. “The exemption from the tax for one and a half years”rappelle Jean-Marie Deleau, who is a director and senior journalist at TF1.

The village of Saint-Georges-de-Didonne in the Charente-Maritime has been visited by Jacques Nicolaou. The attraction of the disparation is that it is a great grandfather. “For BD, there is no comment on the subject. It is for the benefit of the Cousins, as far as the caricatures are concerned.“, Philippe Allaire, a member of the Musée du Côte d’Azur, is a member of the Commune.

It is considered that the ancient boiler house in the village was occupied by the planes and the planes. “On the other hand, the duration of the quinza is limited and that there is an invisible effect. It is considered to be a simplification of the gentleman’s supervision.”.

It is considered to be a quaint on the ground and Placid et Muzo sans lui “

Jean-Marie Deleau, am du dessinateur

In the present case, it is not possible for a fair value to be achieved. “The transfer of the impression of the designation to the dexterity of the dexterity is due to the use of the pseudonym ‘Placid’ and ‘Music'”note Jean-Philippe Martin, conseiller technique à la The international competition is still in its infancy d’Angoulême.

Jusqu’à la fin de sa vie, Jacques Nicolaou a dessiné des gags de Placid et Muzothe series is open for sale in 2015 for the authors of the new Magazine magazine Super Pif . “It is continual that the mattresses have the right to do so. It is very important. confie son ami Jean-Marie Deleau, for the free movement of Saint-Georges-de-Didonne.

The new exhibition is the first place in the village of Charente-Maritime. The first and second part of the fair was completed by the lecturers.

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