Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals

Tyler Lockett: QB competition takes you to different places

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals

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Wide receiver Tyler Lockett has played almost exclusively with Russell Wilson at quarterback during his first seven NFL seasons, but that partnership came to an end when Wilson was traded to the Broncos this offseason.

Lockett doesn’t know who will be the new quarterback in Seattle at this point, but he had positive things to say about Drew Lock, Geno Smith, and Jacob Eason when he spoke to reporters from the team’s OTA practice on Tuesday. He also said that he believes the nature of the competition is bringing out better things from all of the participants.

“It’s just that competitive nature that takes you to different places that not having to be competitive doesn’t take you,” Lockett said, via the team’s website. “And so I think it’s just something that’s new, and I think it’s something that’s very interesting. I love to see it, because sometimes we’ve got to remember that this is a business, and business does want that competitive nature. And we do want that competitive edge, but being able to compete each and every day, to sharpen iron with iron, I think that helps us build something truly special. Drew’s doing good, Geno is doing good, Eason is doing good, and whatever happens is going to happen, but as a whole we all want to be able to make sure we’re doing our part, and I think everyone’s doing it so far .”

Lock and Smith should draw plenty of motivation from knowing that this may be their last real shot at being an NFL starter, which should make for a spirited competition over the rest of the spring and summer in Seattle. If Lockett’s right about how that rubs off on the rest of the roster, it would bode well for the Seahawks’ hopes this fall.

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