l'actrice a "tout perdu" mais "ce n'est pas un revers pour le mouvement MeToo", dit l'avocat Nicolas Rebbot

l’actrice a “tout perdu” mais “ce n’est pas un revers pour le mouvement MeToo”, dit l’avocat Nicolas Rebbot

The justice of America “The Claw Penalty and Johnny Depp”, dans son procès l’opposant à son ex-épouse Amber Heard, a commenté Nicolas Rebbot, avocat au barreau de Paris et specialy en droit des media, mercredi 1er juin sur franceinfo. The legal basis for the dexterity is different. It is for the company to pay 15 million dollars in dommages-interest Pirates des Caraïbesqualifying for the “terms of reference” of the case of the Court of First Instance in 2018 Washington Post, dans laquelle elle se décrivait comme victime de violences conjugales, sans nommer son ex-époux. De son Côté, Johnny Depp Devra lui verser Deux millions of dollars de compensation pour diffamation légalement.

franceinfo: Comment interpreter cette décision?

Nicolas Rebbot: In the final year of the jury, a member of the Board of Directors and Chou, a member of the Board of Directors of Johnny Depp. It is considered that the public service should be carried out for a period of time, and the opinion is favorable to Johnny Depp. In the present case, it is possible to estimate the value of the aid in addition to the value of the aid.

Is it important to use a conduit to make a living in MeToo and the importance of the American society?

The fairy tale of attention is not limited to the introduction of a feminine designation. Ce n’est pas and revers du mouvement MeToo. This decision is based on the opinion of Amber Heard that the MeToo has been the subject of a decision, but that of the posture of the Tenue Pendant. On the face of the femme qui avait and comportement particulier. Ils avaient une relation toxique. The present victory of the Deux côtés. This is the case in the case of deux côtés. MeToo is not available.

Is it positive to cause a fatal problem?

This is the case for the retention of the positive, the queuing of the password is the subject of the case, the case of the violent quartet and the fairy tale of the arguments. Seulement, elle n’a pas réussi à convaincre. The jury gave his convictions for the first time to Johnny Depp. This is not the case when it comes to the quality of MeToo.

Johnny Depp demands 50 million dollars in compensation, for the right to justice to satisfy ou l’idée d’un recours est possible?

In the case of millennials, the recourse to the decision of the jury. For the sake of Johnny Depp, he was interested in the fair. In the present case, Gagné avant le verdict. In this case, the redundant son of Blason poured a carriage out of the superunit. The measures referred to in paragraph 1 are hereby approved on behalf of the Member States. En revanche, Amber Heard, hell, a tout perdu. Depuis le début, elle a une image déplorable au sein de l’opinion publique et elle a prise gifle de la part du jury qui lui a reconnu qu’une Petite part de la plainte qu’elle a déposée contre Johnny Depp. Donc, if the gift is matured as a counterfeit, it is possible to recreate the essence of the carriage as a result of the flamboyant que Celle de Johnny Depp.

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