One 'Destiny 2' Tip For Finding New Red Frame Crafting Weapon Patterns

One ‘Destiny 2’ Tip For Finding New Red Frame Crafting Weapon Patterns

Here we are again, complaining about Destiny 2 red frame drop rates as everyone was excited to see new weapons and also Menagerie weapons return, but have since realized that crafting them is going to be yet another long, long haul.

This time around, all weapons from the season require five patterns to unlock. And many players are finding they barely have any even after playing a ton. The “wild” sources of weapons in Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted right now are:

  • Opulent (Menarie) Weapons – Opulent Chests with keys found form normal chests.
  • Haunted Weapons – Binding after Nightmare Containment or Sever missions.

And then of course, focusing. Focusing requires some specific upgrades in the HELM, and you simply cannot focus Haunted weapons yet. That’s at least another week away I believe. But this tip applies to both kinds of weapons.

My main piece of advice is if you know you are going to want to craft a variety of weapons, do not waste your precious Haunted Energy resources on target focusing right away. As soon as you unlock focusing, you can either pay 7 energy to focus a random weapon with an Umbral, or 27 to focus a specific one, almost four times the cost.

Using this method, I have gotten 5 Austringers, 5 Beloveds, 3 Mini-Tools and uh 0 Drangs so far. By allowing randomness to take hold, at the very least until you fill out 1 or 2 completed patterns, you are getting way more bang for your buck, given how expensive the currency is, and how little of it you will get unless you are grinding hyper specific activities for it.

It’s true, you may lose out on RNG here with red frames for weapons you care less about, but at least you’re making progress on the set as a whole. You could focus say, 10 Austringers for 270 energy and end up with none (I’ve heard 20+ focuses with none), or you could focus 38(!) generalized Opulent engrams for the same cost, and I can almost guarantee a handful of patterns for your trouble. If you need Umbrals, simply run Nightmare Containment, they drop like candy.

Now that I have 2/4 weapons completed for the Opulent set, I’m probably going to switch to focusing, because further Beloved or Austringer drops do nothing for me. But when I can focus the full Haunted set, I will be doing this exact same thing.

And one more additional tip here, if you get the upgrade that gives you more energy from Containment binding, that upgrades it from 7 to 9. Not a ton, but it does mean you now can run three Containment bumps rather than four to get enough energy for a targeted focus, which is a time-saver.

I…don’t think this is a good system. The point of crafting was to fight against RNG for random rolls, but the pattern chase has now proven to be hugely frustrating for two seasons in a row now, and is just a different kind of RNG that’s even less satisfying for just grinding rolls in the first place. But we work with what we have, and this is where we are, for now.

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