Netflix's strategy is to change the history of the film

Netflix’s strategy is to change the history of the film

In the case of the historical history of the fund, Netflix is ​​responsible for the use of films in the field of budgets. The Irishman au profit de Productions plus prudentes (comprenez rentables).

Si Netflix – to support the creation of streaming services – the impact of the Ascension constant on the transformation of the cinematographic industry, the development of the definition of the free market, the sign is not valid for the plate. The results for the first quarter of 2022 are a year in which the history of the net assets of Netflix (for a total of 200 000 utilities) will be reduced.

The competition is based on Disney + and the sanitary ware of the crew on the same day as the streaming service, which is refused. de nouvelles strategies économiques : redemption of effects on the internet, facturation of partages de compte et publicité à l’étude, ainsi qu’une nouvelle branche du Côté des jeux vidéo.

The Hollywood Reporter a variety of reports are available from other sources on the Internet, but certain addresses and products are not available on Netflix. The article, the division of Films indépendants originals, which produces long-term budgets and budget of up to 30 million dollars Mank, the fatigue is affected by the effects. Une source a cependant affirmé que “les petits Films ne vont pas disparaître“pour autant.

En revanche, une autre source a expliqué que “the tendency to be fair to the talent and the Leur Donner Blanche in the train station“, the first notation of the film and the Oscars The Irishman de Martin Scorsese has a budget and a budget of 160 million dollars Okay de Bong Joon-ho at 50 million dollars.

The Irishman: WallpaperNetflix is ​​the only company

The report was submitted THRNetflix viserait ainsi des projets moins nombreux et plus prudents, sans forcément Renier les Gros projets rivalisant avec les blockbusters hollywoodiens comme 6 Underground, Red Notice, Adam à Travers le temps ou prochainement The Gray Man (between 115 and 200 million). The room is free Red Notice et celles d ‘À couteaux tirés pour the plate on the table plus 450 million dollars on the table of government.

The article cites cependant un exemple plus concret: “For the fair Deux Films at 10 million dollars chaun, the Society for Pluto and Seoul for 20 million dollarsThe diffuseur refluxed to the non-existing acquisitions, comma en témoigne le récent Accord de plus de 50 million dollars pour thriller Pain Hustlers porté par Emily Blunt.

In the light of this Directive, Claire et officielle n’a encore eté donnée aux cadres et producteurs de Netflix, même si “des conversations auront lesu avec les producteurs et les réalisateurs dans les semaines à venir au sujet de l’importance et des genres [des films]“. D’ici là, The Gray Manthe Proceeds of Netflix on Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling


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