The client is the make-up artist, and the restorer of the menstrual cycle

The client is the make-up artist, and the restorer of the menstrual cycle

«Au Téléphone, on m’insulte, is me traite de raciste. For the purposes of the quarantine of the appellant, the applicant may be required. Today devanture of the food », souffle Michael Taylor, patron éprouvé du Senza Nome. Departed on 18 May, the restorer installed in the center of Poitiers (Vienna) affaired with the “black surface” and the “black surface”, and the main racist – popular with all foodstuffs – consistently with the gravestone. en noir.

Venue is located and entertained in the same way as the customer, so it is free from the Tenue Créole, the majestic place. «Elle a éoqué ses origines martiniquaises, une sorte d’hommage à sa grand-mère, et dit que ce n’était pas raciste», Avance Michael Taylor qui a immédiatement pressenti un dérapage. It is also the case that Antoine Griezmann described the media. In 2017, the footprint of the United States of America, the footprint of the company in the first half of the year, the first time.

«If the interpellation is aliquot in question,» the first question was taken by the clients: «Des Martiniquais Venus visiter le Futuroscope! Je Leur ai demandé si ça les dérangeait. Apparemment, non… »Michael Taylor a donc repris s service avant qu’une altercation ne débute en Terrasse. The passage of Poitevine, which has been the subject of a black background. This is the name of the tournament, which is based on the importance of societies: pour le restaurateur, le début d’un cauchemar.

Soutenu par SOS Racisme: «To the restorer of the repertoire»

«Certain on the assumption that the organization of the year is a restaurant for a group, for which there is no service in the service», says Michael Taylor, who is a deferred person in addition to Google and the company autant sur TripAdvisor Know better. The comments are based on the conditions under which the aid was granted. «J’ai ouvert en octobre 2020, Presque Deux ans travail foutus en l’air», lâche-t-il, dépité: «Je reconnais un manque de jugement et assume mes torts. The customer needs to be responsive… »

SOS Racisme soutient Michael Taylor. «The restaurant was served by a reporter. This attitude is exempt », said Cheikh Diaby, in the opinion of the Committee of the Regions: It is considered to be an accent, the original of which is original, and constitutes a racist. »Maire de Poitiers, Léonore Moncond’huy and the sky contact Michael Taylor pour lui apporter son soutien. It is considered that the public sector of the Community is located in Paris and France.

In France, the legal acts and propositions in the field of racism have been re-established. Considéré comme tel, le «blackface» n’est pourtant formellement interdit par aucun texte. Cheikh Diaby is a proposition by Michael Taylor on the “traveler on the main” and in the context of the “vacancies for the sensitization of racism and discrimination in the field of health care and restoration”. Le restaurateur, lui, travaille Désormais «avec la boule au Ventre» mais n’entend pas fermer: «Cela serait un échec et reviendrait à Leur Donner raison…»

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